Our Location

Our Location

The Villa is located centrally on the upper area of Pozzuoli. The port and the sea promenade, the Metro and the city centre are within walking distance. The Metro station provides easy transport to Naples whilst from the town centre you can access the port and ferry links to the islands.

Close to the Villa, there are many shops and businesses, supermarkets, bars and cafes.

We are located close to the important archaeological sites, such as the Flavian Amphitheatre, The Temple of Serapide, The Temple of Neptune, the Villa is ideally located for leisure trips to these historical places.

The City

Pozzuoli – Italian Jourey, Goethe.
“A sea trip to Pozzuoli, short and happy carriage rides or walks through the most wonderful land in the world. Clear sky above, the treacherous ground below, ruins of inconceivable opulance, bad boiling water, sulpur expelling crevases, barren mountains and then suddelnly eternally lush vegetation that can thrive anywhere and rise above all this death, encircling ponds and streams and even the edges of craters.”

(quoted from “Journey to Italy” by Goethe)

The city of Pozzuoli has a population of about 82,000 and is located on the gulf, northwest of Naples. This is a volcanic area known as ‘The Campi Flegrei’ (Fields of Fire) which includes a still active volcano Solfatara. Continue reading here:: (www.pozzuolionline.com)