L’obiettivo della direzione di Villa Avellino è di far sentire l’ospite a casa sua. Al fine di rendere più confortevoli i propri appartamenti, Villa Avellino offre una serie di servizi che renderanno più gradevole il Vostro soggiorno.

Guest Parking

Private parking is provided in a large internal parking area with direct access to the flats and the garden. Parking is free for all of our clients.


Private parking is provided in a large internal parking area for short and long stops, is internal . Near many points of interest in the city .

Secular Garden

The garden is private and quiet with a splendid panoramic view of the gulf of Baia. There is a solarium area where you can relax and sunbathe in the summer. We also have all the necessary equipment to have a Barbecue in a meditarranean setting.

Air conditioning system

This can be used in the summer and also in the winter to regulate the temperature in your apartment to suit you.

Cleaning Service

It’s possible to choose the particular cleaning service you require and how often your apartment needs to be cleaned. The minimum guaranteed service is once a week but you can request more cleaning, up to the maximum daily one (just for long stay).


Connection to the internet is provided in every apartment in Villa Avellino by Wi-Fi or LAN Cable connection.

32” – 40″ LED Satellite TV

Every apartment has a 32” LCD TV linked to our satellite service. You can choose from all the Italian digital TV channels and also 18 international channels (in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian). Additionally, you also have access to a range of satellite channels.

Laundry Service

The laundry area is available for use by all our clients. The washing machines have automatic washing liquid and fabric softener dispensing systems and there are also dryers. Irons and ironing boards are also provided which you can take back to your apartment.

Surround sound music system

Each apartment provides a surround sound system. You can simply plug your devices via cable connector into the wall and you have instant stereo amplification throughout your apartment.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen with an electric induction hob, combi oven, dishwasher, fridge, washing machine, cooking pots/pans/plates/glasses/cups/cutlery etc.

Environmentally friendly energy management systems

The restoration and rennovation were based upon the appliaction of modern construction and engineering methods and the use of advanced building materials to ensure respect for the environment and primary energy saving techniques.

The use of electronic keys reduces the unnecessary consumption of energy. The system activates the electricity supply only when the key is inserted into the reader located next to the entrance door of the apartment. This allows energy consumption management when the apartments are not being used.

The air conditioning system is disabled when the windows are opened to further avoid unnecessary waste. Furthermore he windows have very low thermal dispertion level ratings.

The induction cooker/hob ensures easy cleaning and safety whilst also being very energy efficient.

Finally, the hot water heating system causes almost zero percent impact on the environment as the system produces hot water via the heat recovery system from the refrigeration unit.

In essence, 30 per cent of the heat normally wasted is re-used to heat the water.