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1. Start to day from Antica Reggia square

ischia porto

From Ischia Porto to Ischia Ponte

ischia ponte

Once you get off the ferry in Ischia Porto, take a walk through the central and lively Via Roma until you reach Piazza degli Eroi. Here, after a break at the famous Bar Calise you can always continue on foot to Ischia Ponte, the ancient village of Ischia. A walk through its alleys allows you to admire the most classic examples of Mediterranean architecture, as well as a visit to the Aragonese Castle is a must. Lively Ischia Porto welcomes you with shops, bars and cafes and taxis parked along the Olympic Dock and Via Iasolino. Choose from the many terraces for a coffee or ice cream overlooking the sea.

Location: Via Iasolino, Ischia Porto, Ischia

Opening hours: Always open

2. Not to be missed: Aragonese Castle

A fortified islet that will leave you speechless

Once in Ischia Ponte, you cannot miss a visit to the Aragonese Castle, dating back to medieval times, located on the top of this islet on the splendid east coast of Ischia. From the port it can be reached on foot in half an hour by walking through the streets lined with hotels and pizzerias and in the lush Pineta Mirtina Park (or in 7 minutes by car). Crossing the bridge to the islet will give you a splendid view and there is an elevator that takes you to the main area of ​​the castle. If you are fit, a network of paths and tunnels will lead you through the many corners to explore. Tickets for the castle cost around € 10 and guided tours are available.

Location: Via Pontile Aragonese, Ischia

Opening hours: Every day from 09:00 to 16:00 (winter) and from 09:00 to 20:00 (summer)

Phone: +39 (0) 81 992834

3. Strolling in the La Mortella Gardens

Marvel at one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the country 

This vast and beautiful private garden on the hills of Forio, at the north-western end of Ischia, is a riot of tropical and Mediterranean plants. For about € 12 you can walk freely among the green paths that extend over 2 hectares of valleys and hills, with enchanting lakes, streams and waterways. Climb to the upper gardens for panoramic views of the bay. You’ll also find a museum dedicated to composer Sir William Walton, the gardens are his wife’s idea, and a Greek theater that hosts classical music concerts and summer events.

Location: Via Francesco Calise Operaio Foriano 45, Ischia

Open: (March to October) Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 7pm

Phone: +39 (0) 81 986220

4. Not to be missed: Chiesa del Soccorso

An enchanting glimpse of the Mediterranean

The small church of the Soccorso, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the symbols of Ischia. This all-white church, part of an Augustinian convent founded in the 14th century and restored between the mid-18th and late 19th centuries, is about a 10-minute drive southwest from Giardini La Mortella, at the western end of Ischia. . It is in a particularly suggestive position on a promontory overlooking the sea, which offers a magical spectacle at sunrise and sunset. You can get there on foot from Piazzale del Soccorso, another corner not to be missed with its historic buildings, including the Town Hall.

Location: Via del Soccorso, Forio, Ischia

5. Enjoy the view in Sant'Angelo

Discover the incredible thermal fumaroles!

At the southern end of the island, the idyllic fishing village of Sant’Angelo is connected to the main town, Serrara Fontana, by a thin isthmus of land with a small beach. You can bask in the sun lying on the sand or on a lounger and at either end of the lane you will find numerous bars and shops. With a short walk north-east you will reach the famous Fumaroles, here the sand is heated from the subsoil: take advantage of it for some sandblasting, a real panacea! This is the best area if you are looking for thermal parks and luxury spas.

Location: Sant’Angelo, Serrara Fontana, Ischia

Opening hours: Always open