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1. Marina Grande in Procida

Marina Grande is Procida’s calling card and presents itself to tourists with a set of multicolored houses overlooking the pavement, dominated by the crenellated frame of the Palazzo Montefusco, built in the 12th century. On the square of the port you will find the bus stop, taxi and microtaxi station, bars, clubs and restaurants, while on the left opens Via Roma, the commercial and tourist heart of Procida. Along Via Roma there are shops, boutiques and craft shops perfect for shopping, but also historical remains and religious buildings on the island. The Church of the Pietà, with its unmistakable Baroque bell tower, and the wooden crucifix of 1845, in Piazza Sancio Cattolico are worth a visit.

2. Palazzo d'Avalos and Terra Murata in Procida

Terra Murata, with the majestic Palazzo D’Avalos, is the historic core of Procida and is located in the center of the island, almost 90 meters above sea level. This village stopped in time takes its name from the walls that surround it, built in the 1500s, and was built in the Middle Ages to protect the population from attacks by sea. Even today it is accessed through the original gates and is a maze of alleys and houses leaning against each other, with very few openings to the outside and an unforgettable view overlooking the sea that embraces the entire Gulf of Naples with the islands. Terra Murata can be reached on foot or by bus and is worth a visit for the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo, dedicated to the patron saint of the island, and for the Palazzo D’Avalos, which is also visible from the mainland and is famous because up to 1988 housed a penitentiary.

3. Marina della Corricella in Procida

Overlooking the sea like a small favor, Marina Corricella is the oldest fishing village in Procida and is famous for hosting the film set of the film “Il Postino” with Massimo Troisi and Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Today it is a pedestrian village and represents the ancient soul of Procida: walking along its streets allows you to admire the colorful fishermen’s houses with the typical “Vefi”, the balconies covered by arches of Arab origin, and to savor a little quiet away from the chaos, perhaps stopping for a dinner based on freshly caught fish in one of the few restaurants.

4. Vivara and the Protected Marine Area of Procida

The “Kingdom of Neptune”, the Marine Protected Area that surrounds Ischia, Procida and Vivara, was established in 2007 to protect the landscape and marine environment of these magnificent places. In addition to protection, the Consortium of the Kingdom of Neptune organizes a series of activities that allow you to get to know the peculiar seascape of Procida with all its inhabitants. Whale Watching, guided boat tours, diving and excursions will guide you to discover unique beauties, such as the most important colony of dolphins in the Mediterranean and the archaeological finds scattered on the seabed off the coast of Procida.